Team Info, Rules, Forms etc.

2018 Team Info

Cook’s Meeting : Friday May 11 at Pier 21 ( Nonno Tony’s) @ 2PM 

Friday Turn In Time

4:30 p.m. Fajitas

6 p.m. Seafood

Saturday Turn In Time

12 p.m. Chicken

1:30 p.m. Ribs

3 p.m. Chefs Choice

4:30 pm. Brisket

6 p.m. Wild Game

NEW FOR 2018:

  1. Seafood entry must be protein only and allowed to have a smooth sauce. Smooth sauce can be a liquid, cream, melted butter, wine etc.
  2. No Fried seafood entries.
  3. No ground meats for Wildgame entry

Important Rules (must read)


3Phase, Porta-Potty & Sanitation Stations Forms

More 2018 team info coming soon !